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A Ministry with A Mission

Ministry and Mission

“What are the churches in southern Indiana doing to reach out to persons affected by compulsive gambling?” This question initiated a unique ministry for the South Indiana Conference – and the only wide scale ministry in the country within The United Methodist denomination – the Gambling Recovery Ministries, a resource for Indiana problem gamblers and their loved ones.

The outreach of GRM ranges from supportive and referral consultations with individuals and families to community information events, pulpit presentations, and professional continuing education events (with CEU) for clergy, mental and public health professionals, and social workers. Our materials have been sent across the nation to persons calling for help with problem gambling. Gambling Recovery Ministries is a mission and outreach of hope and help. As a result of GRM’s work with individuals affected, directly or indirectly, by problem gambling, many lives have been changed.  From our very beginnings, the venture we have experienced has been not only awesome but also a very spiritual one.  With every prayerful step taken and the opening of each new door, we have continuously discovered that God was already there … meeting us! 

A Ministry of Prayer

GRM is a ministry of prayer: God’s messages of love, forgiveness, peace and strength have become steady points, along with requested prayer. Prayers for this cutting edge ministry are coveted! Because of Gambling Recovery Ministries’ outreach, lives have been changed, hope restored, and faith found! Director, Rev. Janet Jacobs shares a special story about GRM’s outreach:

“Some time ago, I spoke with a group of clergy members in a training session about problem gambling.  Later, a phone call came.  Of course, it wasn’t the first call for help to come to GRM; but the person seeking help had been referred by one of those pastors at the clergy meeting.  Not only could I offer hope and help, but also, I knew, for certain, that the one asking for help would be upheld and supported by a pastor with new knowledge and understanding to affirm and assist this person to take those early, crucial steps of recovery.”

Gambling Recovery Ministries is an Indiana Conference Advance Special of The United Methodist Church and receives 100% of all contributions given to this vital ministry. Learn more about this special ministry for Indiana problem gambling. 

Real Hope – Real Help!

  • Prevention Education
  • Training of clergy and laity
  • Excellent free resource materials
  • Informed, supportive consultation
  • Referral information about treatment resources and recovery groups
  • Networking with mental health professionals
  • Providing courageous GA and Gam-Anon speakers
  • Informative programs
  • Current research information
  • ALWAYS: a ministry of prayer

Can We Help You?

  • Clergy training events
  • College classroom teaching
  • Counseling agency staff enrichment
  • Local church pulpit presentations
  • Youth groups and teen organizations
  • Community outreach, educational meetings
  • Lay ministry groups
  • Women’s/Men’s events
  • Conferences on problem gambling
  • Continuing Education for health professionals, social workers, and clergy