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Overview, Mission, Goals, Brief History

ministry hands helpOverview

GRM is the only wide scale outreach to problem gamblers and their loved ones in the country within The United Methodist Church.

GRM’s outreach ranges from individual supportive and referral consultation to community information events, classroom teaching, pulpit presentations, and providing continuing education (CEU events) for mental and public health professionals, social workers, and clergy.

GRM bridges the gaps between the faith-based community, treatment programs, and support groups.       


The mission of Gambling Recovery Ministries is to extend life-saving outreach,
in Christ’s love, to persons directly and indirectly impacted by the devastations of disordered gambling and to spread the good news of hope, help, recovery, and renewal.


  1. Providing supportive consultations and the sharing of referral information on treatment and recovery programs
  2. Imparting a wide variety of educational materials about problem gambling
  3. Providing educational training sessions and professional CEU events about problem gambling, treatment, and recovery
  4. Networking with resource persons in the field of mental health
  5. Providing programs and very courageous GA/Gam-Anon speakers

Brief History

Initiated in 2001 by the South Indiana Conference, GRM has grown from a District pilot program to a ministry of outreach - as an Indiana Conference Advance Special – to serve the entire State of Indiana and points beyond.  GRM leadership has presented workshops at statewide, regional, national and international conferences.   Materials have been sent throughout the country to persons calling and asking for help with problem gambling.