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Real People Finding Real Help

When individuals come to Gambling Recovery Ministry seeking help, it is not only a privilege but a blessing to reach out to them. We are touched by so many stories, here are a few:

  • Because of GRM, “we have been helped, to a great degree, in our understanding of compulsive gambling as an illness, and also, how to help the gambler through encouragement and understanding … This support and prayer was a great value for the spiritual and emotional well being of our family.” – Loved Ones of a Problem Gambler
  • “It is a blessing to be able to share information about problem gambling, treatment resources, and recovery groups as GA and Gam-Anon.  Then … to see these persons help others step onto the path of recovery – that is truly heart-warming!” – Rev. Janet Jacobs
  • “From GRM’s very beginnings, the venture we have experienced has been not only awesome, but also, a very spiritual one.  Steadily, we have been in deliberate prayer to do the Lord’s will for this outreach ministry.  With every step taken, and the opening of each new door, we have continuously discovered that God was already there … meeting us!”    - Rev. Janet Jacobs

If you or someone in Indiana you know needs help with problem gambling, reach out – we’re here to help.

What Resources are Available?

National Problem Gambling Help Line
(800) 522-4700

The National Problem Gambling Help Line provides help to people with gambling problems and their families. Callers receive confidential, professional service from trained counselors. The line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is free of charge.

Indiana Help Line
(800) 994-8448

Gambling Recovery Ministries
(812) 926-1052

Gamblers Anonymous (GA)

Gam-Anon: A peer-led support group, Gam-Anon provides a supportive environment for the spouses, relatives, or close friends of- problem gamblers to share their experiences. There is no membership fee.  A list of local meetings is available by calling the above Problem Gambling Help Lines.