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A Life-Saving Outreach

MinistryGambling Recovery Ministries fills a need in a different way than many programs. We are indeed a ministry and we are happy to spread the word and help others nurture this ministry. Since GRM’s beginnings in 2001, we have truly found ourselves saving lives:

  • Individuals who have come to GRM for help have initiated new GA and Gam-Anon Meetings, thus helping themselves and countless others.
  • Problem gamblers and family members, throughout the nation, have been guided to life-saving certified gambling counselors, in-patient treatment programs, and support groups.
  • Clergy have received individual counsel with regard to working with parishioners affected by problem gambling (both gamblers and loved ones).
  • Counselors taking GRM continuing education trainings have gone on to achieve national certification as gambling counselors.
  • Clergy, health professionals, and individuals seeking help have received much-needed information about gambling addiction and related recovery issues. 
  • Health care professionals and social workers have earned CE units from GRM Training Conferences and have been equipped with essential information on compulsive gambling and recovery issues.

Our Spiritual Component 

GRM carries a spiritual presence into a number of corners and conversations that many churches have not entered. We continue to hear how prayers said for individuals have made a positive impact upon their recovery programs. We witness individuals’ spiritual growth as they gain strength through prayer, meditation, and renewed ties with their faith communities. 

A Frontier Ministry  

Gambling Recovery Ministries is described as a “pioneer” in ministry to problem gamblers and their loved ones. GRM’s ministry is unique with its multiple fronts of outreach: individualized consultation, professional training, and prevention education. In addition, the parish of GRM not only covers the State of Indiana but is already nationwide – and potentially global. 

The rewards are clear: rebuilt lives; spiritual growth; equipped clergy; and trained professionals. Because GRM is at the cutting edge of mission outreach, we have been encouraged by the personal message of an internationally known gambling addiction counselor: Anything that you do in the field of problem gambling is significant!

GRM Is Here to Help You Help Others  

Want to know more about reaching out to a hurting world of people devastated by problem gambling?  Would you like specialized information on compulsive gambling?  Interested in the possibility of initiating a gambling recovery type of ministry in your area?  Interested in receiving training on compulsive gambling and recovery issues?  Want to be on GRM’s mailing list? 

E-mail Rev. Janet Jacobs at jjacobs@grmumc.org or call Gambling Recovery Ministries at (812) 926-1052.

What Resources are Available?

National Problem Gambling Help Line
(800) 522-4700

The National Problem Gambling Help Line provides help to people with gambling problems and their families. Callers receive confidential, professional service from trained counselors. The line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is free of charge.

Indiana Help Line
(800) 994-8448

Gambling Recovery Ministries
(812) 926-1052

Gamblers Anonymous (GA)

Gam-Anon: A peer-led support group, Gam-Anon provides a supportive environment for the spouses, relatives, or close friends of- problem gamblers to share their experiences. There is no membership fee.  A list of local meetings is available by calling the above Problem Gambling Help Lines.