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Training & Certification Resources for Professionals

Indiana Problem Gambling Counselor Training

Annual free trainings are given within four segments of time. These trainings are presented by the Indiana Prevention Resource Center through a contract with the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration-Division of Mental Health and Addiction. Funding for this program comes from the Indiana Gambler’s Assistance Fund.  For information of the schedule and location of classes, contact Mary Lay at (800) 346-3077 (toll-free Indiana only) or maholtsc@indiana.edu or visit www.ipgap.indiana.edu.

American Compulsive Gambling Counselor Certification Board

The American Compulsive Gambling Counselor Certification Board, Inc. is a nonpartisan, non-political, and non-profit organization. It is organized to achieve certain objectives such as providing identity, recognition, and a basis for integrity for the profession of Compulsive Gambling Counseling by the establishment of standards for the performance and competencies desired of the practitioners in this field. For more information call (609) 588-9338, email CCGNJShirl@aol.com or visit www.certificationboard.com.

All candidates are required to take the Professional Exam for Counselors of Problem Gamblers developed and administered by CASTLE Worldwide, Inc. If you would like more information on CASTLE and the Exam Candidates Guide, please visit http://www.castleworldwide.com/castests/webdesign/gambling/index.html.

National Gambling Counselor Certification (NCGC) in the United States and
International Gambling Counselor Certification (ICGC)

These certification programs are administered by the National Council on Problem Gambling. For more information, contact the National Council at (202) 547-9204 or visit www.ncpgambling.org.

For international certification information, e-mail IGCCB@igccb.org  or visit www.igccb.org.