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Radio Script

NPGAW Radio Script :60 seconds

This brief, 60 second script can be used as a public awareness radio announcement. A nationwide Helpline phone number is included.


A preoccupation with gambling may cause some people to risk more than money.
They may be gambling away their health, happiness and their family’s welfare.
Here are a few signs of problem gambling: 
You’ve gambled until you’ve lost your last dollar.
Thoughts of gambling have caused you to lose sleep.
You’ve ended up gambling for longer than you planned to.
You’ve made repeated attempts to stop gambling. 
According to The National Council on Problem Gambling, people who identify with any of these signs—
or a number of other signs—are likely to be problem gamblers.
There are also certain risk factors that can increase the odds of people developing gambling problems.
Factors include stressful life events such as
The death of a loved one or a divorce.
An early big gambling win.
Pre-existing health problems such as depression.
And a family history of addictions. 
Fortunately, a problem gambler doesn’t need to wait to hit bottom before asking for help.
To learn more or to find help, call 1-800-522-4700 toll free
Or visit ncpgambling.org

(Source: National Council on Problem Gambling)