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Slot MachineWarning Signs of a Problem Gambler

If any of the following statements remind you of someone you know, that person may have a problem with gambling. For confidential help, call Gambling Recovery Ministries 1-812-926-1052; or in an emergency, contact the National Council on Problem Gambling Nationwide Help Line at 1-800-522-4700.

Is someone you know …?

  • Preoccupied with gambling (i.e., reliving past gambling experiences, planning the next venture, or thinking of ways to get money to gamble)
  • Secretive about his/her gambling habits, and defensive when confronted
  • Increasing bet amounts when gambling in order to achieve the desired excitement (“high”)
  • Trying unsuccessfully to control, cut back, or stop gambling
  • Restless or irritable when not gambling
  • Gambling to escape problems
  • “Chasing” losses with more gambling
  • Lying to family and others about the extent of gambling
  • Committing crimes to finance gambling
  • Jeopardizing or losing relationships, jobs, education, or career opportunities because of gambling
  • Relying on others to bail him or her out to relieve a desperate financial situation caused by gambling

Get help today - don’t wait for the problem to get worse!

What Resources are Available?

National Problem Gambling Help Line
(800) 522-4700

The National Problem Gambling Help Line provides help to people with gambling problems and their families. Callers receive confidential, professional service from trained counselors. The line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is free of charge.

Indiana Help Line
(800) 994-8448

Gambling Recovery Ministries
(812) 926-1052

Gamblers Anonymous (GA)

Gam-Anon: A peer-led support group, Gam-Anon provides a supportive environment for the spouses, relatives, or close friends of- problem gamblers to share their experiences. There is no membership fee.  A list of local meetings is available by calling the above Problem Gambling Help Lines.