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Youth and GamblingFacts about Gambling in Youths

  • This is the first generation of Indiana youth who have been exposed to legalized gambling and an array of advertising (for various gambling venues) throughout their lives.
  • Children may begin gambling as early as grade school age (age 10) and usually continue their gambling over a number of years.
  • “Approximately 70 percent of kids between the ages of 12 and 17 have gambled at least once in the past year. That’s the highest [percentage] in our nation’s history.”
    (Keith Whyte, Director, National Council on Problem Gambling, quoted in Current Health 1, February 2006)
  • Young people who engage in the least risky behaviors cite their parents as the most significant influence, while those who engage in the most risky behaviors cite their peers.
    (Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling)
  • Youth who have an addiction to gambling are more likely to have:
    (1) parents with gambling problems
    (2) become involved in illegal activities 
    (3) experience suicidal thoughts

What should a parent look for if they suspect their teenage child has a problem?

Do you really have a chance … to win??

Winning $1,000 on “Rainy Day” scratch tickets

1 in 125,000

Dying in a fire

1 in 70,913

Winning $100,000 on “Cash 5” lottery tickets

1 in 324,632

Being hit by a falling piece of space junk

1 in 10,000

Winning the PowerBall jackpot

1 in 80,089,128
(yes that’s 80 million)

Death from a lightening strike

1 in 4,210,857

Remember, the odds apply to everyone!!

Source: Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling